The amount of content managed in marketing automation platforms (MAPs) like HubSpot, Marketo, Oracle Eloqua and Salesforce (Pardot) is exploding. But how well do these tools support developing global content and running multilingual campaigns?

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  • How MAPs compare with traditional content management systems (CMSs) in supporting globalization;
  • How marketing automation platforms fit into the modern marketing tech stack;
  • How well headless CMSs and static sites support global content;
  • Typical built-in multilingual features in MAPs;
  • How translation management systems (TMSs) connect with MAPs via connectors or APIs;
  • How TAPICC may be the future of connectivity;
  • And much more.
This article appeared in MultiLingual Magazine issue #184. Get your copy of this article here.
How Well Does the Modern Marketing Toolbox Support Localization?

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